Trevelen Farm

family farm


Family Farm

The Trevelen Farm vineyard began as part of a 3160 acre farming operation and subsequently has been developed into a very successful wine label. With the broad acre part of the operation being taken over by son Ben and wife Louise, this has allowed a focus on the running and development of the wine business. John and Katie’s long, distinguished connection with the land can be appreciated in the consistant quality of the wines produced under the Trevelen Farm -- Great Southern Label.

Family History in Wine in Australia

Great Grand Parents Henry and Lydia Douglas were pioneers of the South Australian wine industry in the 1850’s South of Adelaide at Happy Valley.

Henry was appointed an Inspector of Vines at that time with one of their neighbours being the famous Reynella Vineyard. The families involvement continued until the 1960’s when the remaining Happy Valley vineyard succumbed to the increasing urban sprawl of Adelaide and was sold to developers for housing.